Eliminate SQL Server Log File

Eliminate SQL Server Log File

These steps detail how to eliminate a SQL Server Log File entirely.


II. Eliminate the log file completely

Sometimes we just do not need the big log file.  The logic is

a. Detach the database

b. Rename the log file

c. Attach the database without the log file

d. Delete the log file


Let’s say, the database name is testDev. In the SQL Server Management Studio,

  1. Highlight the database-> Tasks->Detach..-> Click OK
  2. Go to log file folder -> rename the testDev_log.ldf to be like testDev_log-aa.ldf,
  3. Highlight Databases->Attach…-> Click Add -> add the database testDev, highlight the log file and click the ‘Remove’ button. This means you only attach testDev.mdf
  4. After this is done, you can verify the contents of the attached database and then delete the log file.

This way we can safely delete the log file and free up the space.

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