Alaska Sample Websites

Website Design Projects

WideOpen Networks
WideOpen Networks

The high performance, multi-service network designs for customers with broadband service, including the Internet, telephone, computer backup, video, entertainment, gaming, healthcare, and much more.

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America & The Casual Christian
America & The Casual Christian

A Brief History of America, Russia, and Iran During the Beginning of The End.

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Alaska Lead and Asbestos Testing Website
Alaska Lead and Asbestos Testing

Alaskan Owned and Operated with over 25 years of experience in the Alaskan environmental industry, AK Environmental Consultants, Inc. (AKEC) is committed to the health and safety of Alaskans.

Visit website: Alaska Lead and Asbestos Testing

Alaska Seismic Solutions
Alaska Seismic Solutions

Alaska Seismic Solutions specializes in Foundations Leaks Services, Concrete Repair Services, and Structural Repair Services.

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Off the Wall Thinking website
Off the Wall Thinking

Educational software is based on the work of Steven C. Levi. He has been developing creative thinking techniques for more than a decade.

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FAA Part 5 Automation Tool website
FAA Part 5 Automation Tool

Part 5 Automation Tool makes it easy for users to design, implement and monitor their aviation safety management system (SMS).

Visit website: FAA Part 5 Automation Tool

Alaska Tubs Refinishing website
Alaska Tubs Refinishing

Superior Refinishing offers bathtub refinishing & resurfacing, scratch & chip repair, tile reglazing, and porcelain refinishing.

Visit website: Alaska Tubs Refinishing

Alaska veterans website
Alaska Veterans Foundation

The Alaska Veterans Foundation, Inc., is a chartered, independent, 501c-3 nonprofit whose primary mission now is to end veteran homelessness in the State of Alaska.

Visit website: Alaska Veterans Foundation

Internet Marketing Alaska website
Internet Marketing Alaska

Internet Marketing Alaska works with businesses to help them reach their goals through a process called internet marketing.

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Aviation Safety Management Software website
Aviation Safety Management Software

Aviation SMS Hazard Reporting & Safety Tools to manage airports and airlines SMS program.

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Functional Medicine Website
Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine practitioners promote wellness by focusing on the fundamental underlying factors that influence every patient’s experience of health and disease.

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Aviation LOSA website
Complete Aviation LOSA Solution

Most aviation service providers need guidance when planning for their aviation LOSA programs. This website provides LOSA for aviation service providers.

Visit website: Aviation LOSA


Software Applications Projects

Gold Stream Group
Gold Stream Group

Testing / mentorship web app.

Visit website: Gold Stream Group

Project procurement application for North Slope Borough
North Slope Borough

Project procurement application.

Visit website: North Slope Borough

Database application design for PRL Logistics
PRL Logisitics

Database application.

Visit website: PRL Logisitics