NWDS' Strategic Partners

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About NWDS' Strategic Partners

NWDS' partnerships are voluntary collaborative agreement between NWDS and trusted businesses that have demonstrated competency in their core business function. NWDS and our partners agree to work together to achieve a common purpose or undertake a specific task and to share risks, responsibilities, resources, competencies and benefits.

Why NWDS Partners with Other Businesses?

Meaningful partnerships are the foundation for NWDS' success. Partnerships enables NWDS to make continuous improvements in our Web delivery services. By sharing with others, NWDS can direct resources and capabilities to projects our clients consider most important.

The 80/20 Principle asserts that 80% of results come from 20% of effort. Thus, for NWDS to achieve more with less, we are incredibly selective of our strategic partnerships. Depending upon our core competencies, NWDS and our partners have determined where 20% of our effort can lead to 80% of returns. NWDS strives for excellence in designing & developing quality database driven, dynamic Web applications. We don't dilute our energies by trying to be "all things to all customers," thus offering only "good performance." We want to provide exellent performance.

NWDS focuses our firm's resources on what we do best and what creates sustainable competitive advantage and tap to the resources of our partners for the rest. To decide why, when and how to partner with others for complementary resources, NWDS weighs the small amount of cost savings that doing non-core-competence tasks might bring against the distraction and investment that are required to stay up to date over time.


Blue Diamond Webs in Anchorage, Alaska

Blue Diamond Webs is a leading-edge Anchorage, Alaska website development company serving the small business community since 1994. For several years, this partner has demonstrated Web design excellence. While NWDS focuses on functionality, Blue Diamond Web provides stunning Web presentations. Blue Diamond Webs offer business people, with limited funds, the ability to present their business to the world, via the World Wide Web. To learn more about Blue Diamond Webs and the beautiful Anchorage, Alaska Web designs they provide.

European SMS Pro Partners

JRA Aerospace provides bid and project management support services to defence industry companies and the UK Ministry of Defence. JRA also provides support to organisations wishing in integrate their safety cases and environmental policies into a practical, easy to understand and maintainable system. This is done by deploying teams or individuals to work alongside organisations ensuring that they remain fully compliant in the areas which will improve safety, environmental awareness and in some cases improved processes and bottom line profit. Alternatively, some clients prefer JRA to work remotely from their organisation in delivering solutions tailored to their needs. JRA provides marketing and implementation support for NWDS' Web-based aviation safety management system, SMS Pro.

Anchorage, Alaska Networking Service Partner

Northern DataComm is a provider of Reliable Information Technology Services. Northern DataComm provides top notch service at resonable rates. They provide many of the same services as large consultant groups at a lower cost.

Northern DataComm provides support for the majority of Microsoft products and some others to include:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • Merak Mail Server

Other services include:

  • Network Design & Maintenance
  • Virtual Private Network Configuration
  • Wireless Networks and Point to Point Site Configuration
  • Anti-Virus, Malware and Spam Management
  • Email and Website Hosting and Setup