Alaska Expert Excel Consultants

Need Excel Programming & Excel Consulting Services?

Microsoft Excel

Excel Spreadsheet Needs

NWDS' friendly and professional Excel consultants can help you with any Excel requirement.

  • Excel Macros
    We offer assistance in creating macros, troubleshooting problematic macros, and custom development solution for those complex activities you can't record yourself.
  • Excel Pivot Tables
    Having trouble mining the data you need from your spreadsheets? Our experts are highly experienced in providing you with the data you need with pivot tables.
  • Automation/Integration
    Need repetitive tasks eliminated from the mundane to the complex, we can automate those tasks for you. Need those tasks to interact with other applications, our excel consultants can do that for you too.
  • Spreadsheet Formulars
    Complex formulas giving you trouble? Give us your most complex needs for your excel application and our experts can provide an elegant user friendly solution.
  • Excel Charts & Graphs
    Need an attractive chart fed from complex data, external data, or dynamic data? Need this chart placed in Word or PowerPoint? We can do this for you freeing you up to focus on your presentation or report.
  • Excel Reporting
    We can assist you in creating beautiful and informative reports from any combination of data in your spreadsheets.

How to Acquire Your Personal Excel Expert Consulting

Web application

NWDS can provide Excel consulting over the phone or by sharing desktops. You will see us manipulate Excel spreadsheet formulas and create Excel macros right before your eyes.

After establishing working relationships with our professional Excel consultants, they can become your personal Excel mentor/coach. You will be able to contact them whenever you have a mission-critical project requiring solutions to your Excel spreadsheets.

Excel Mentors

NWDS' expert Excel consultants provide phone, Skype or personal coaching by appointment. Our Anchorage, Alaska one-on-one service serves as a popular alternative to longer-term Excel consulting engagements. You can learn Excel solutions as we solve your Excel spreadsheet issues to which you need answers.

You may not need extensive training in Excel spreadsheet, but perhaps a recommendation to your Excel spreadsheet problem. Perhaps you need an answer to a specific question regarding your Excel spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Coaches

NWDS does not provide classroom training in Anchorage, Alaska. Classroom training can be time consuming, expensive and not solve your immediate business needs.

Classroom training is typically performed by instructors who don't work in industry! Consequently, they possess no real-world expertise in solving your business challenges, only expertise in rehashing their training material.