Safety Assurance Solution


Safety Assurance Solution


Safety Assurance Solution is a complete aviation safety software solution for full-time safety managers needing complete oversight over their SMS. It builds upon the Hazard Reporting and Risk Management Solution by offering full SMS compliance tools.

With this solution, you can implement an integrated QMS and SMS that is ICAO compliant in all aspects of the 4 pillars of SMS. This solution offers advanced safety features that allow you to perform any needed SMS action within the software, whether it’s change management, KPI goals, or external auditing.

Safety Assurance Solution is a fully compliant system and is the best value of all SMS solutions in terms of safety tools to cost ratio. It includes all of our core SMS modules. This solution is best for operators who need a fully compliant SMS, with all tools to manage safety within one system.


This solution offers substantial benefits to your organization. These benefits stem from years of working with aviation service providers. The benefits of the Safety Assurance Solution build upon the other solutions by offering advanced monitoring, analysis, and safety assurance activities:

  • All benefits of the other solutions
  • Fully compliant SMS solution
  • Over 40 modules
  • Offline and online auditing tools
  • Built-in auditing form and customs form building
  • Advanced data analysis and trending capabilities
  • Extremely responsive support
  • Proven workflows and many templates
  • Access to industry tested knowledge regarding safety guidance and best practices
  • Highly praised by many SMS auditors all over the world

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The main functionality and features of this solution are:

  • All features from the other solutions
  • Conduct audits offline or online
  • Build custom auditing forms or use built it forms
  • Manage change with the MOC module
  • Key performance indicator monitoring, goal setting, and alerts
  • Manage training and qualifications of all employees
  • Review and manage all CPAs in one module
  • Analyze and data mine SMS for trends with advanced tools and reports
  • Monitor continuous improvement with special tools
  • Store all documents in documents manager, with configurable security access

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