Training & Qualifications Manager



Training and Qualifications Manager is an aviation training software designed to let you document and manage all employees’ required training and needed qualifications.Use this software for either or both SMS training or any other organizational training and requirements needs.

This software allows you to document role-based training and qualification requirements, including expiration dates and automated notifications of impending deadlines.

With this software, you can ensure that all employees’ training requirements are up to date. Furthermore, you can create dynamic, custom training materials that are a vast improvement over most training regimens, which are often boring and not custom built for an employee’s role.


The Training and Qualification Manager is an aviation training software product developed for and tested by aviation service providers. Benefits include:

  • Ensure tasks are being complete fully
  • Document irregularities and security concerns
  • Schedule tasks on a recurring basis
  • Integrate with existing SMS
  • Extremely responsive customer support
  • Aviation industry specific

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The main functionality and features of this aviation training software are:

  • Role-based training requirements
  • Automated initial and recurrent training
  • Automated training with different formats, such as articles, videos, etc
  • Automated notifications of impending or overdue training
  • Document all job qualifications for each role
  • Document all training requirements, with expiration dates
  • Access to hundreds of training articles
  • Create unique, dynamic training materials

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