Review of Total AOC Centrik & SMS Pro - 2016

This following aviation safety software review was written when a civil aviation authority asked us to compare these two systems. Centrik is hardly known to the aviation industry at the time of this review. Their website is pretty, but many companies have pretty websites but shallow product offerings. To learn more about these two aviation safety database products, see:

Review of Total AOC Centrik Compared to SMS Pro

Total AOC is relatively new and unknown to the aviation SMS market as of 2016. They are not considered to be among the bigger players in the enterprise-grade aviation safety/quality database market. When considering this review, you should always keep your needs at the back of your mind. You may not need a complete SMS program, or you may only have budget for a cheaper product.

From what we learn from web analytics, they started providing services in 2012. SMS Pro was created in 2007; therefore, you will see a more complete product with SMS Pro. Judging from website traffic, Total AOC has a bit more popularity than Air Maestro, which is another smaller aviation SMS software provider with several operational modules included.

Regarding Centrik and SMS Pro, both systems have comparable:

  1. Document management;
  2. Auditing tools (however, SMS Pro also has offline auditing);
  3. Employee messages (although SMS Pro includes read files);
  4. Hazard reporting with ARMS, but SMS Pro has:
    • Configurable risk matrices and not just the ARMS methodology;
    • Offline hazard reporting;
    • Public reporting for customers, vendors, tenants, contractors;
    • Email reporting; and
    • Map interface for drawing or plotting where events occurred.

Both systems also have training tools to document training and to alert management of expiring training or qualifications. However, SMS Pro has automated initial and recurring risk management training. For recurring training, SMS Pro allows quizzes.

Both have Meeting managers.

From what I learn from their website, Centrik's "Risk" section does not seem to cover:

  • Proactive hazard analysis and control measures;
  • Hazard/risk register;
  • Predictive analysis;
  • Human factors;
  • Root cause;
  • Investigations;
  • Goals and objectives management.
Finally, we see no mention of tools to manage the SMS program, such as:

  • Policies & Procedures management;
  • Duties & responsibilities (with tracking of employee acknowledgement);
  • Gap analysis for initially identifying gaps and for monitoring continuous improvement in subsequent years;
  • SMS Implementation plan management;
  • Safety promotion tools (surveys, newsletters, lessons learned;
  • Tracking and trending KPIs;
  • Emergency drill management;
  • Airport inspections with map;
  • MSDS management;
  • Management of Change;
  • Safety case management;
  • Flight risk assessment;
  • Fatigue risk assessment;
  • Duty log;
  • Emergency response notifications; 
  • Ad hoc data analysis and exporting data; 
  • Configurable Executive Dashboard (unless that is their "heatmap");
  • Employee Safety Performance Monitoring; and 
  • Vendor management.

Once you start comparing the two systems, it is clear that Centrik is not yet a complete aviation SMS program. You still need other systems to support even a basic SMS program. But again, consider your needs and budget. You should not expect to pay a premium price for Centrik, so you may get off cheaply.

I hope this sheds some light. Centrik is not very transparent with their tools. You will find this trend with most aviation SMS database providers, except SMS Pro.  SMS Pro has considerable information on our main aviation SMS database product site.

In conclusion, one should hold SMS Pro to a higher standard, as they have been developing their software for twice as long as Total AOC. If you are considering a software product, you should be considering:

  • Customer reviews;
  • Time in the market place (many SMS software products fail within five years); and most importantly,
  • Does the software meet your current and future needs?

Sample SMS Pro Features

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Review of SMS Pro and Total AOC Centrik safety management database software

For those making it to the bottom...if you are interested in SMS Pro, see these current product offerings.

Hazard Reporting Solution

Hazard Reporting Solution offers basic and advanced hazard reporting tools. Risk management functionality tracks corrective actions and conducts investigations using the same powerful Issue Manager available in all the SMS solutions. Online and offline hazard reporting functionality available.





Risk Management Solution

Risk Management Solution contains all elements of Hazard Reporting Solution, plus more advanced risk management modules. Significant additions include Proactive Hazard Analysis Tool (PHAT) and the Hazard Register. Also included is Risk Assessment Tool, commonly known as FRAT or Flight Risk Assessment Tool. FRAT, which can be used for many types of operations, and not just Flight Ops.





Safety-Quality Assurance Solution

Safety-Quality Assurance Solution has all the features of Hazard Reporting and Risk Management Solution. Online and offline auditing tools come with access to more advanced charting and analytical tools.