Security Officer Checklist Manager



Security Officer Checklist Manager is an aviation security management software designed for security officers and security teams to be able to schedule and perform routine security tasks.

The Security Officer Checklist Manager allows you to build all of your tasks and procedures into custom checklists to be carried out on a one time or recurring basis. These checklists can be carried out by your security manager or delegated to someone on your security team.

The purpose of this aviation security software is to ensure that routine security operations are carried out consistently and that areas of concern are flagged and documented for follow up.


The Security Officer Checklist provides aviation security managers and security teams with a centralized hub to manage all required tasks, and document irregularities. Some of the benefits are:

  • Improve safety culture with dynamic training materials
  • Ensure that all employees training is up to date
  • Ensure that all employees are meeting job requirements
  • Integrate with existing SMS
  • Automated initial and recurrent training
  • Extremely responsive customer support
  • Proven workflows and template
  • Aviation industry specific

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The main functionality and features of Security Officer Checklist Manager are:

  • Create custom checklists for routine tasks
  • Schedule on a one time or recurring basis
  • Delegate tasks to certain users
  • Easily perform and document checklists from a mobile device
  • Flag any checklist item as irregular or an issue
  • Document irregularities with Duty Time Reports

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