Security Management System


Security Management System


The Security Management System solution is an aviation-specific software that is designed for security teams and security management operations. With this solution, you can design, implement, and monitor a security management system for your airport, airline, or other operators.

This security software contains all of the tools that security teams need to report and manage security, safety, and operational concerns. These tools cover everything from security officer checklists, to duty management, to airport inspections.

Starting at $399 monthly for up to 20 accounts.

$2,000 initial setup. Extra divisions to segregate operational data for $1,000 each.

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This solution includes substantial benefits to your security team. These benefits have been cultivated over years of working with aviation service providers to hone safety tools.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Designed specifically for aviation security
  • Understand how your security system is exposed to danger
  • Ensure that security operations always maintain an Acceptable Level of Security
  • Lots of automation to avoid manual work, freeing up manpower and resources
  • Extremely responsive customer support
  • Proven workflows and many templates
  • Access to industry tested knowledge regarding safety guidance and best practices
  • Highly praised by many auditors all over the world

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The main functionality and features of this solution are:

  • Submit issues of many types, such as security, safety, quality, etc.
  • Manage all reported issues
  • Drive continuous improvement with corrective action management
  • Inspect airport with built in airport inspection templates
  • Automated initial and recurrent training
  • Automatically schedule checklists safety officers’ inspections
  • Manage lost and found items
  • Allow duty officer to document all operations with Duty Log
  • Monitor performance with detailed, classification based, risk analysis charts
  • Store all security safety policies and procedures