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We typically design our products using the Microsoft .NET Framework, VB.NET and C# programming languages, and the .NET Server Architecture. This affords solutions offering unparalleled security, speed, and interoperability. Our developers can develop solutions in Visual Studio 2005.

Microsoft has undoubtedly designed one of the most security conscious programming models ever. The .NET Framework allows for multi-tiered security designs, including: integrated Windows authentication, form based authentication using database connectivity, and key exchange/Kerberos v5 authentication. With Windows 2003 Server, we will witness another security authentication method using .NET Passport. These scalable authentication models can be implemented individually or together to provide the highest levels of security. Some of these authentication models can also be combined with SSL Certificate encryption to provide a stable, secure public interface.

NorthWest Data Solutions Develops Java Web applications in Anchorage Alaska using the latest technologies

NorthWest Data Solutions Develops .NET Web applications in Anchorage Alaska.

NorthWest Data Solutions Develops Java Web applications in Anchorage Alaska using the latest technologies

Dynamic Web Applications Using Popular Databases

NorthWest Data Solutions has experienced Oracle developers ready to serve you

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NorthWest Data Solutions has experienced mySQL developers ready to serve you

By developing our Web applications using VB.NET and C# programming languages with SQL databases, we are able to utilize a remarkably robust programming model (object-oriented component-based development). We practice Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodologies using .Net components (DataGrid, DataList, etc), and the Visual Studio.Net development environment.

Another advantage to the .Net architecture is that it provides compiled application architecture making .NET applications much faster. Faster data retrieval and data processing equal faster data delivery. Most web development languages are interpreted (Classic ASP, Perl, PHP, etc), meaning it is a script that is parsed and interpreted line by line every time it is accessed and those scripts are generally limited in their modularity and functionality.

By implementing Web applications using the .Net Framework, we can easily use the existing code/application logic and wrap it into a XML Web Service. This will allow a greater level of interoperability among external or remote locations/devices, different departments or offices, and even large customers that require real-time e-com, Account Services, or website information to be integrated into their current accounting, money management, or market tracking system.

Professional Web Software Development in Remote Alaska

NorthWest Data Solutions finds Alaska clients often on Anchorage and other Alaska businesses post ads looking for qualified Web design professionals that can develop the best Web applications in Anchorage. NorthWest Data Solutions concentrates on quality Web software development by placing emphasis on meeting unique business needs of Alaska customers. NorthWest Data Solutions creates efficient solutions, always employing the highest quality Web software development methods and constantly seeks to exceed Anchorage, Alaska customer's expectations. NorthWest Data Solutions' goal is to use our Web design and development knowledge and experience to help Alaska businesses succeed. NWDS' greatest strength lies in our ability to solve complicated, non-traditional problems within a reasonable length of time while complying with the highest Web quality standards. We strive to create a long-term mutually beneficial relationship designing professional Web sites with Alaska customers.