Why Do Business with NWDS?


Mission Statement

Build the highest quality products, with transparent, honest communication, and significant customer involvement through the entire development and product creation process.


Core Values


Transparency is a big deal to us. It’s rare in the software industry. Transparency means:

  • No hidden costs or fees
  • Clear expectations about timelines, responsibility, and communication
  • Consistent communication about progress

We know from experience that transparency is the best way to provide you with a great experience as we work together to build your product. It’s why our community of clients continue to come back to us.

Customer Involvement

At NWDS, we provide more than just a product – we provide an experience. Our process for building software and other products includes constant interfacing with our clients at every step of creation.

  • We work with our clients
  • We listen to our clients
  • We build our clients’ needs into their products

We feel strongly that a working relationship with clients is the best path to building high-quality applications that clients are more than happy with.


Product Integrity

Our approach to business is based on quality, not quantity. Our philosophy is that the integrity of our product is the most mutually beneficial for us, our clients, and our clients’ customers.

Our team is hand-picked and held to rigid standards in order to ensure the highest quality output.


We strive to empower our customers. When we build products, it is one of our top priorities to educate our customers on how to manage their product.

We don’t keep our customers in the dark as a strategy for pushing high cost, monthly management fees onto our clients.

Your success as a business is our success as a business. Your ability to feel comfortable managing your product means we have provided outstanding service.