403 (Forbidden) Error

403 Forbidden Error in Visual Studio

Visual Studio 403 Forbidden Error - http error 403 access forbidden

I had a problem accessing web sites in ASP.NET using VS 2005. When I
launched an ASP.NET web site, from Visual Studio or from my browser, I got a
403 (Forbidden) Error.

SOLUTION: The problem stems from the fact that IIS 5.1 does not recognize
ASP.NET default pages, since it predates ASP.NET. To fix the problem, open
the IIS Administrative Tool (Windows XP Start > Control Panel >
Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services). Navigate to the
Default Web Site in the tree in the left pane. Right-click the Default Web
Site and select Properties from the context menu. When the Default Web Site
Properties box opens, select the Documents tab. Add the following to the


Click OK to save the additions. You should no longer get a 403 error.

Thanks to David Veeneman
Foresight Systems